Monday, October 26, 2009

Ethan-8 months

ethan made 8 months this past saturday(yesterday). and he's getting to be really rascal now. he found his crawling skills a few months ago and he's getting faster at it. he's always been curious, so crawling and curious mixed together means alot of running around for mom and dad. he went to his first gymboree class on saturday and he had so much fun. in fact, ethan had so much fun that we signed him up for more classes. we'll see how it goes. gymboree is good for exposing him to new environments and to start him socializing with other kids. we found out that he's not shy, he had no problem approaching the teacher and mingling with the other kids. he really liked all the balls, seeing bubbles and playing under the parachute. oh yeah, he got another haircut too. more reports to come later.

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  1. He's tooooo cute! I'm glad he's having fun with the other "rascals" in the gymboree neighborhood.