Monday, July 4, 2011

6-26-11 ethan can dance

we had a bbq with our cousins this past saturday. Rene and Patty and Nicholas and Michaela were there and also Kalani Nakashima. kalani just graduated from high school and will be attending stanford this upcoming year. ethan was having fun as usual, then jumped in randomly to dance with rene and kalani's friend brandon. the boy got some moves and rhythm! i didn't even know he could do this at 2yrs and 4months. kinda funny, check out the video.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 update

it's been awhile since i posted and alot has been going on with the suzuki's. ethan is almost 2 yrs now and he can say a whole bunch of new words. he still says "mop" once in awhile, fyi that's how he says mom. but the other week he started saying "amma" for grandma, and "apa" for papa. we're trying to teach him grandpa now. his all time favorite word is "BIG" and "BUS". and now "BIG BUS". i guess he really likes buses.