Friday, February 27, 2009

Ethan Ken Suzuki is Born!

Michelle and I would like to announce the birth of our new son, Ethan Ken Suzuki. He was suppose to be named Kareem Abdul Suzuki, by a recommendation from our friend Kyle Kamakura. But that did not work with Michelle. Being a lifelong Laker fan, I dug it, but whatever, now he's Ethan. well, here's the stats, born 2-24-09, at 1:50 pm, 6 lbs(5 and 15.9 oz's to be exact), he was born a week early. Labor was kind of long but Michelle didn't give up and pulled thru like a champ. Everything went well after, Ethan is doing well and Michelle is fine but needs to heal a little. They say it's common for women to go thru what Michelle is going thru. anyway, we're back home today and since I'm having sleepless nights, I figure I update all my facebook and blog stuff. see the pics. If you want to see more pics in slideshow format, please email me and i'll send you the link. Now the game really begins! Keep checking back to watch him grow.

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